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The fun of simulation video games is that they let us create and manage our own idealized world. The Sims franchise is one example of that and just a tiny drop in the bucket of simulation video games. Simulators allow you to create a character and then manage their life, or build an alternative world and simply have fun watching the story unwind. From taking care of wild animals in Planet ZOO, and bioengineering dinosaurs in Jurassic World Evolution, to managing a graveyard in Graveyard Keeper. We have it all! Check out the best simulation video games on GAMIVO at the best price.

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Farming Simulator 22 Global Steam
from  €11.72 €39.99
Planet Zoo Global Steam
from  €6.00 €44.99
RimWorld Global Steam
from  €24.51 €199.44
Jurassic World Evolution 2 Global Steam
from  €12.98 €925.46
Graveyard Keeper Global Steam
from  €0.65 €15.99
Planet Coaster Global Steam
from  €2.47 €29.99
Planet Zoo Deluxe Edition Global Steam
House Flipper Global Steam
from  €5.24 €16.79
My Time at Portia EN/DE/FR/ZH Global Steam
Youtubers Life Global Steam
from  €2.05 €24.99
Planet Zoo - Aquatic Pack DLC Global Steam
Planet Coaster - Spooky Pack Global Steam
House Flipper: HGTV DLC Global Steam
from  €2.93 €7.21
Planet Zoo - Arctic Pack Global Steam
from  €5.72 €44.99
RimWorld: Ideology EN Global Steam
from  €13.80 €27.03
RimWorld - Royalty DLC Global Steam
from  €13.76 €21.99
Two Point Hospital EN Global Steam
from  €7.20 €85.42
House Flipper VR Global Steam
from  €0.83 €14.99
Minecraft 2017 Edition EN Global Xbox One
Stardew Valley EU Xbox One Xbox Series
from  €10.49 €13.99
Spore EN/DE/FR/IT Global EA App
from  €14.50 €39.61

Find the best simulation video games on GAMIVO

Real-life can get dull and repetitive sometimes. That is why so many people turn to simulation video games. They let you create your own unique world, lead a character’s life, and make impossible things possible. The Sims is just one example of a simulation video game, but there are a plethora of similar and just as engaging titles. On GAMIVO, we have a wide range of the best simulation games at the best price!

The Sims alternatives 

If you are a fan of The Sims, but recently you feel like you need a change and would like to play something different yet similar, here’s what we have for you. In My Time At Portia, you inherit an old workshop you have to restore and turn into the best one in town. Along the way, you will make friendships and experience your first love. It is up to you where these relationships will lead you. In Portia, you can grow crops, raise animals, and start a new life you’ve always wanted. Similarly, Hokko Life takes you to a cozy little village of Hokko. Here, you can make friends and build and decorate homes for them or help them out in their tasks. Create your own wallpapers, furniture, and even T-shirts by mixing collected items. And after the whole work is done, take a time off fishing in one of the various fishing spots and simply relax - you deserve it! 

Manage a city 

When you think about simulation video games, the first one that probably pops into your mind is SimCity. This iconic video game sparked the creation of such spin-offs as The Sims itself.  Here, you can build your own metropolis and manage it so that all citizens are happy and living their best lives. SimCity allows you to create the city of your dreams, whether it’s a utopian land or a center of crime. You are in charge! And for those who need an even more realistic turn on city management, Cities: Skylines will provide just that. Here, you will experience the hardships of being in charge of the city. However, you will see that it is all worth it in the end! With a fully realized transport system and fun installments, such as Green Cities and Natural Disasters that bring new challenges to the game, Cities: Skylines will keep you entertained for hours.

Back to the past 

Ok, managing a city is cool, but what if you could manage a medieval graveyard? It is possible in Graveyard Keeper. Build and expand your own graveyard making ethical decisions at the same time. Sell corpses’ organs to the local butcher, take quests, or explore medieval dungeons full of secrets. That definitely isn’t a typical cemetery management game. And while we are in the dark Middle Ages, we recommend Crusader Kings III for those who feel that the royal blood runs through their veins. This strategy video game allows you to lead a royal or noble dynasty through centuries, expanding their power and taking new lands. Experience Viking invasions, make smart political moves and defeat the enemy during epic battles.   

Animal kingdom 

Have you ever thought to yourself how fun it would be to manage a ZOO and take care of wild animals? If the answer to that question is a yes, and if you are an animal lover Planet ZOO is just for you! This game allows you to build a safe and unique environment for incredible animals from around the world. Moreover, with packs like Aquatic Pack, South America Pack, or North America Pack, you can enrich the fauna of your park with new species of animals such as the King Penguin or a North American beaver. And if you need a bit more adrenaline in your life, you can try managing a park full of… DINOSAURS! Located in the legendary islands of the Muertes archipelago, in Jurassic World Evolution, you can build your own version of the iconic park, bioengineer dinosaurs, and bring them to life, trying not to get eaten by them at the same time.