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Far Cry is an original Ubisoft franchise. Developed main by Ubisoft Montreal with assistance from other Ubisoft-dependent studios. As for today, the series consists of 6 major entries, Far Cry 6 being the latest one, and a few standalone expansions released along the way. Despite all of them being a part of one franchise, the games are not particularly connected through any significant narrative elements. The one thing they have in common is gameplay. The first-person shooter with action-adventure elements is a trading mark of the Far Cry series. The theme usually focuses on placing the player in the wilderness environment where the main objectives are fighting despots controlling the area and surviving against wild animals. Thanks to well-worked-out gameplay and mostly decent storytelling, Far Cry got a firm grip on the market through the years. Far Cry 6 appears to continue the trend and will surely offer another solid experience.

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First Far Cry, released way back in 2004 was at a time, benchmarking standard. Built on Crytek Engine, the most demanding game engine then, the game open a fresh chapter in PC gaming history. With never seen before open-world long-distance rendering and a fine story to back it up, Far Cry received a really warm welcome on the market. 

Far Cry franchise features a few spin-offs. Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon is one definitely to take a closer look at. It's a stand-alone DLC for Far Cry 3, although it does not continue the story of the original game. Despite sharing a common story and gameplay with the base game it takes a complete turn in terms of setting.