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Swedish video games developer with Battlefield Series on its account! EA DICE Games has already become a recognizable brand among the gaming and critics community around the world! Play the famous Battlefield series whose core gameplay includes large-scale battles, classes, co-op play with rock-paper-scissors mechanics in various time settings! Get to know the revolutionary perspective of the first-person running Mirror's Edge, which was created on the original Frostbite or Star Wars Battlefront game engine, where the legendary saga was brilliantly transferred to the computer games industry. EA DICE games have tons of games to discover, now at the best prices on Gamivo.com!

Number of products: 61
Battlefield 2042 Global EA App
from  €9.42 €102.05
Battlefield 3 Global EA App
from  €3.14 €19.00
Mirror's Edge Global GOG
from  €2.58 €22.96
Mirror's Edge Catalyst Global EA App
from  €1.20 €10.99
Battlefield 1 EN/DE/FR/IT Global EA App
Battlefield 4 EN/DE/FR/IT Global EA App
Mirror's Edge Global EA App
from  €3.09 €9.99
Battlefield 2042 EU Xbox Series
from  €8.82 €79.99
Battlefield 3 Limited Edition Global EA App
Battlefield 2042 United States Xbox Series
Battlefield 1 EN Global Xbox One Xbox Series
Battlefield 2042 United States Xbox One

EA DICE Games Developer

The Swedish game developer with his proprietary Frostbite game engine has opened the way to creating even more visionary, amazing and unique titles in the game industry. Check out the originality of gameplay and graphics in the Battlefield 2042, Mirror's Edge, or Star Wars Battlefront II series at equally unique in being the best prices on Gamivo!

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