E3 Games Collection

During E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo), the most important developers and publishers reveal their plans and announce the hottest releases. Thus, this event is one of the most important dates in every gamer's calendars. The 2020 edition was canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. To celebrate the event's return, we got a new collection for you! Buy the best games presented at E3 at the lowest prices. Choose from hits such as Cyberpunk 2077, Horizon Zero Dawn, Red Dead Redemption 2, and much more!

Number of products: 40
Red Dead Redemption 2 Global Rockstar
from  €15.38 €59.99
Cyberpunk 2077 Global GOG
from  €20.40 €49.99
PlayStation Network Card PSN EUR DE €20 PSN
Battlefield 5 Global EA App
from  €5.99 €59.99
Immortals Fenyx Rising EU Ubisoft Connect
Metro: Exodus EN/DE/FR/IT Global Steam
Borderlands 3 EU Epic Games
from  €5.17 €59.99
Wolfenstein: The Old Blood EN Global Steam
Battlefield 2042 Global Steam Gift
from  €13.28 €63.27
Watch Dogs: Legion EU Xbox One Xbox Series
Spiritfarer Global Steam
from  €0.92 €24.99
Metro 2033 EN/DE/FR/IT Global Steam
from  €31.14 €76.90
Gears Of War 4 EN Global Xbox One
from  €9.11 €47.49
Death Stranding Global Steam
from  €46.27 €49.99
Dishonored 2 EU Xbox One Xbox Series
from  €16.97 €22.22
The Outer Worlds EU Epic Games
from  €4.95 €59.99
The Surge 2 EU Xbox One Xbox Series
from  €5.50 €59.99
New Star Soccer 5 EN/DE/FR/IT Global Steam
Battlefield 5 EN/FR/ES Global EA App
from  €6.79 €59.99

Buy the best games presented at E3!

E3 is one of the oldest and the most important events of the videogames industry. It has been held annually since 1995. It was canceled only once - in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Electronic Entertainment Expo is remarkably significant because every year, developers, publishers, and hardware manufacturers gather in Los Angeles to announce their future releases and present trailers. Therefore, players worldwide wait for every scrap of information about their favorite franchises and brand new IPs.

In our new collection, you'll find the best games presented at E3. You can buy them at the best prices of course. For instance, there is Cyberpunk 2077. At previous E3 editions, we could know much crucial information about this thrilling RPG set in Night City and see the game's trailers as well.

There's also Watch Dogs: Legion. Ubisoft revealed this engaging action-adventure at E3 2019. A year earlier - at E3 2018 - Electronic Arts announced Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. Many players wonder if they will get information about a new game featuring Cal Kestis or a confirmation of a brand new Star Wars game. We could also get some exciting news concerning the upcoming Dying Light 2. Therefore thanks to our collection, you may buy the first Dying Light at a discount.