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Save humankind from total extinction! The Darksiders series of games will take you to the post-apocalyptic Earth, where angels and demons have fierce battles! Studio Vigil has created one of the most recognized brands in the world of hack and slash games, which even today provides an amazing experience for fans and new players alike! Explore the open world of Darksiders as War, Death, Fury, and Strife and save humanity from complete destruction!

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Darksiders Series

Have you visited every nook and cranny of the Darksiders world? The history of the last representatives of the Nephilim race is considered to be one of the most interesting in the gaming world. The unique characters of War, Death, Fury, or Strife allow you to enjoy the plot from many perspectives and form fantastic games from which it is difficult to break away. Vulgrim took care of the in-game prices, and Gamivo took care of the best prices in the real world - good things shouldn't be expensive!

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Can you save anything Nephilim?