Car Games for Kids Collection

Don't all kids love car games? Colorful, cartoonish graphics make these games pleasing to children's eyes. Along with easy mechanics, it creates games that are simple to catch on. So just get it from GAMIVO at a low price and you can be sure, your kid will have hours of fun, whenever you need a moment alone for yourself.

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Car Games for Kids Collection at GAMIVO.

Kids love Lightning McQueen, his adventures during which he learns the true value of friendship and sportsmanship are a good and funny way to teach your children these values. And now, after watching him in the movies, they get a chance to play as a Lightning McQueen in Disney Pixar Cars. Visit the Radiator Springs, make friends with Mater, learn to race on a grave and play around with tractors, just like McQueen did.

Putt-Putt is a classic educational game series for kids. Inviting them to exercise their young minds through having fun. These games include a number of different activities, helping children learn by exploration and experimentation. Out of a combination of lovable characters, lively animations, colorful graphics and brilliant sounds comes a title suitable for children of all ages.