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Make your own town from start to finish! The city-building genre is one of the most popular topic in simulation video games! Take on the role of an all-powerful city architect by planning its appearance and management! Grow your place from a small town to a Big City, where everyone wants to live! Choose bulding placement and manage city life by setting rent, wages and other daily life features! Experience the best of the various city-builders games on!

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Frostpunk EN/DE/FR/PL/RU/ZH/ES Global Steam
Frostpunk - Season Pass Global Steam
from  €2.44 €33.97
Tropico 6 EN/DE/FR/IT/RU/ES Global Steam
Cities: Skylines - Campus DLC Global Steam
Tropico 6: Caribbean Skies DLC Global Steam
Tropico 6: Festival DLC Global Steam
from  €2.16 €14.99
Surviving Mars Global Steam
from  €5.12 €27.99
Anno 2070 EN/DE Global Ubisoft Connect
Frostpunk: The Last Autumn DLC Global Steam
Frostpunk: On the Edge DLC Global Steam

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Plan, build, manage in the best building city genre games! Watching your city develop under the influence of your decisions is downright addictive. Relax during many hours of entertainment with warm coffee or tea, leading your city to absolute splendor or total ruin - you decide about everything! Our collection offers both challenging titles for hardcore gamers and items that focus more on relaxing gameplay. Regardless of your choices, Gamivo got you covered with the best for City-Building Games at low prices!

One of the most popular series in the simulation games genre is undoubtedly The Sims Series. Experience an alternative life in one of the most popular games of all time or complete the collection with the latest additions for less than you think on Gamivo!

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