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What Makes A Way Out the Perfect Co-Op Experience?

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With the current COVID-19 outbreak keeping us indoors more than we care for, we’re all looking for new ways to keep ourselves entertained. A lot of gamers are finding this to be a unique opportunity to play some cooperative games. Whether it’s couch co-op with family or online with friends, 2018’s A Way Out is a great choice.

Co-op play is an engaging way to spend time with your loved ones while you’re cooped up at home. In this post, we’ll run you through why you should give A Way Out a shot.

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Unique Storytelling Experience

The story of A Way Out involves two unlikely partners, Leo and Vincent, who are trying to escape from prison. Both have their reasons for wanting out of the slammer. What separates this game from others is how the story unfolds as you play. Each player takes control of either Vincent or Leo and have to work together to get through different situations. As the story beats pass, more of the two men’s backstory unravels.

There’s a fair share of cutscenes that provide most of the exposition. The juicier nuggets, however, pop up during gameplay. While both players are busy doing their part, some of these might be missed. This means that players have to occasionally fill in the blanks for each other. There isn’t another game out there at the moment that does this and it’s brilliant.

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Only One Copy Needed

Another aspect that makes A Way Out particularly great is that only one player needs a copy of the game. That’s right. If you own a copy of the game but your friend doesn’t, you just need to invite them to your session. They’re then given a link that takes them to the demo download page. There, they can download a smaller version of the game. This version doesn’t allow for any local play or to start a session. What it merely does is enable a player to join another person’s game.

It’s quite ingenious in its execution. One of the key barriers to co-op play is that both players need to own the same games. This system allows players to dive into their friends’ games without the entry fee.

A Way Out – Choose Your Approach

The best part about A Way Out is its approach to gameplay. For one, both characters are integral to the story as well as the mechanics. That means, you can’t play the game as Vincent without Leo, and vice versa. Both men have their strengths and weaknesses which means choices need to be made.

At the same time, you aren’t locked into a particular way to solve most situations. You can choose to go with head-on confrontation to create a distraction. A stealthier approach can also be employed when the going gets tough. Whatever the case, what lies at the center of it all is the way the two players cooperate. This is what makes the game ideal for co-op play as communication and pre-strategizing are essential to success.

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