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Watch Dogs Legion: What We Know So Far

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The Watch Dogs games are open-world sandbox adventures that draw a lot of inspiration from the GTA series. Replace gun-totting thugs for hackers and you get the main idea. The next entry in the gadget-filled franchise is Watchdogs Legion and it looks to be Ubisoft’s most ambitious project yet. Ever since the game’s reveal during E3 2019, there have been few details between then and now. The most significant news was its indefinite delay from its original March 2020 release date. We’ve gathered here all of what we know so far about Watchdogs Legion.

Watch Dogs legion resistance

No One Is Nameless

What makes the next entry in the hacker valley open-world series particularly ambitious is its handling of NPCs. Ubisoft emphasized during its E3 press conference that every character you come across in Watchdogs Legion will have a name and a backstory. That includes all the NPCs walking along the street. The main goal, according to the developers, is to give players the ability to recruit anyone in their ragtag group of cyber-activists. Hence the word legion in the title.

Choose Your Weapon Legion

A big part of past Watch Dogs games was the ability to use any approach you wanted to complete a mission. You could be stealthy by using non-lethal stun weapons and silent gadgets. You could also take the guns blazing route with lethal weapons like pistols and assault rifles. There were rumors that Watchdogs Legion wouldn’t include the lethal weapons due to the more activist vibe. Trailers, however, have shown that to not be true. You’ll still be able to play the game your way, even if your way is to paint the town red.

Legion gameplay

Gather Your Friends

Another big feature of Watchdogs Legion is its inclusion of multiplayer with up to 4 players. As the game is centered around the idea of building a cyber-activist army, the co-op multiplayer makes sense. From trailers and interviews, it’s clear that Ubisoft is borrowing a page from GTA V’s playbook. Players will be able to grab three other friends and partake in a variety of activities online. What we’re wondering is how each player’s own accumulated legion of followers will factor into this.

Death Is Real in Legion

We mentioned earlier how each NPC has its backstory, name, and stats. According to Clint Hocking, creative director for Watchdogs Legion, this is significant because the game has permadeath. Player characters may never completely die but your followers never come back to life. Once they’re killed, it’s over for them. The main reason for this, according to Hocking, is that mission decisions are intended to be a big factor for players. You’ll need to think carefully about which of your loyal followers is best suited for each mission.

Watch dogs legion

Watchdogs Legion is still slated for a 2020 release according to Ubisoft. With many upcoming games receiving cross-generational free upgrades, we’re hoping the developers announce something similar for Watchdogs Legion as well for this very ambitious project. Fingers crossed.

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