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Is it Good to Upgrade your Old Windows?

General News Now Trending 20/10/2020

Is it worth it?

If you’re among the millions of people still using Windows 7 – or some other incarnation of Windows – you’re probably asking yourself if it’s worthwhile upgrading to a newer version. One of the best reasons to upgrade is the opportunity for individuals to catch up with the technological advances available.

Cheapest Windows 10 key

The decision to upgrade will largely depend on which operating system you’re still using. There are millions of home users and businesses that are still using Windows 7 and never upgraded to any of the later versions of the operating system. On GAMIVO.COM you can get a copy of Windows 10 for less than €7!


Many programs on older computers may have significant compatibility issues and machines can experience substantial slow-downs when trying to open any existing programs. Security alone should be a motivating factor for obtaining the latest Windows version, particularly in an era with newer and more sophisticated security threats. Furthermore, GAMIVO offer a vast collection of security software, check it here!

Upgrade without any problems!

You may have been hesitant to upgrade due to past installation problems. Windows 10 was released on July 29, 2015 making the OS about 5.5 years old and there’s been ample time for Microsoft to work out the bugs that are an inevitable part of a new release. Remember, you can download Windows 10 for free HERE and activate it with a key from HERE

With Windows 10, Microsoft appears to have gone back to basics with features that users grew to know and love. It has improved security, speed, software tools, and an easy user interface. Windows 10 has usage reporting that some have said is a privacy risk. You can turn reporting off, but it will result in the loss of some features.

More features

You’ll find some features, such as Windows Media Center, is gone from Windows 10, but the Start Menu is back and productivity apps are more powerful. Windows 10 also contains the Xbox app for gamers, OneDrive cloud storage, and voice typing.

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With pop-up notifications, touch screen capabilities, Cortana, and the Microsoft Edge browser, Windows 10 is highly reminiscent of today’s phones and actually has smartphone tie-ins. Updating to Microsoft 10 is a prime opportunity for individuals that missed everything after Windows 7 to modernize and catch up with the newest technology.

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