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UFC 3: Top Tips to Make You the King of the Octagon

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In terms of translating real fighting into the digital arena, UFC 3 is one of the best titles out there. The high impact punches and bone-crunching grapples are all here. Beyond the flashy moves, though, lies a complex game where quick decision making and mind games are key. If you’re looking to dive into UFC 3, you’ll need to bear in mind that button mashing will only get you so far.  Get your gloves on then because we’ve got some of the hottest tips that will put you on the champions path.

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Abuse Your Jab

The jab is bar none the fastest move in UFC 3. This lightning-fast strike may not do much in terms of damage but the rest of its utility more than makes up for it. For starters, it’s incredible for interrupting all other moves in the game. Even after you’ve seen your opponent’s cross coming you’ve got more than enough time to counter with a jab. The same can be applied to most other moves, save for tackles. On top of countering blows, a jab will also sap your opponent’s stamina. This makes jabbing in UFC 3 crucial as stamina determines the power of your moves. 

Work for Your Kicks

UFC 3 fixes one of its predecessor’s biggest shortcomings; abusable kicks. Body and low kicks are now much easier to see when tossed out willy nilly. That means a good counter could cost a bunch of your leg health. Still, well-placed kicks can bring you that much closer to victory. It’s important, therefore, to focus on setting them up. Start with a few jabs and once you’ve got your opponent off balance, strike them with a roundhouse. Low kicks are still deadly in UFC 3. Throwing some out while your opponent is regaining composure after a barrage will sap the leg power out of them. 

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Fake Them Out

This is the most important trick in UFC 3’s playbook: the feint. While there is no dedicated button for it, tapping block during the startup animation of any attack will instantly cancel it. Once you’ve learned the timing, you can fake out your opponent to open up their guard. Give them a taste of your best moves only to cancel them out the next time and throw them off. Mastering the feint in UFC 3 takes a bit of time and experience with feeling out your opponents. Once you’ve got it under your belt, however, you can keep them on their toes and essentially control the pacing of every match.

UFC Ground Control

This may sound straightforward but it bears repeating. Knowing your opponent’s defense options when grounded is important in UFC 3. The better your position, the fewer options they have. In full guard, you have plenty to go by. When on the back, however, there are only two options for escape. Keep in mind your opponent’s expertise, as well, as Jiu-Jitsu experts and wrestlers are strong on the ground in UFC 3.

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