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Top 4 Tips for Gears 5

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The Gears of War series is one of the most popular third-person shooters in the world right now. Now, with Gears 5 it’s bigger and bolder than ever. While veteran players will find themselves right at home, lots of new players are looking to jump in and blow up some heads. Since Gears is a game where cover and aim are crucial, it can be tough to start at this point.

Fortunately, we’ve got 4 skills and tips to get you started playing this intense game.

The Head is the Place

Just like with most shooters, Gears 5 puts heavy emphasis on hitting your enemies where they’re weakest: the head. This is tough because it’s a small part of their models’ bodies. Even more so, the third-person perspective can throw off even the best FPS players. It’s therefore important to focus on landing as many headshots as you can.

Take advantage of AI-based modes, like the campaign, where it’s easier to aim for the head due to the enemy’s more predictable movements. The best way to make yourself more consistent in Gears 5 is to practice headshots behind cover first. You’ll have more leeway to place your crosshair where it matters.

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Speaking of cover, this is one aspect that makes Gears 5 and the rest of the series unique. Taking cover as well as slinking in and out of it and changing positions is essential to being a strong player. This can be a whole new concept to players who are more used to traditional shooting games.

Make sure you grow familiar with all cover positions on each map. Learn how you could get flanked and what your best escape routes are to avoid getting overwhelmed. Once you get used to this feature, Gears 5 becomes a more exhilarating experience.

Gears 5 taking cover

Set your drone to a higher Gear

Serving as both comic relief in Gears 5 and a trusty sidekick, Jack serves an integral part of the game’s experience. Upgrading him often will improve your combat effectiveness. From pulse beacons that reveal enemy locations to incapacitating electrical shocks, Jack is a force to be reckoned with. On top of unlocking his many features, you can also upgrade each of them to improve their effectiveness and tactical possibilities.

upgrading drone Jack

Gears 5 The Art of Reloading

The Gears series is the only game where reloading your gun is a more active process. By hitting reload, you activate a bar. By aiming to hit the white segment of this bar will greatly reduce your reload time. On top of that, you’ll do bonus damage which is always a plus in Gears 5. Each weapon’s perfect reload also grants a different effect. The Lancer, for instance, receives empowered bullets, while the Hammerburst gets a higher rate of fire. 

Once you’re able to make perfect reloads, you’ll see a dramatic change in not just your effectiveness but also your versatility as a player. Keep in mind, that the timing changes from loadout to loadout so experiment with as many guns as you can.

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