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Top 4 Beginner Tips for Hunt: Showdown

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The battle royale space is littered with “me too” games that are trying to capitalize on Fortnite’s success. As such, there aren’t a lot of games trying to stretch the genre meaningfully. Enter Hunt: Showdown, a BR game like none other. Aside from its dark, gritty western atmosphere, this game is more than just a spin on BR design.

Through a combination of PVP and PVE elements, as well as a strong emphasis on audio design, Hunt: Showdown is a tough game to get into. Luckily, we’ve got the low down on the best tips to get you started.

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Silence Is Golden

When we said “emphasis on audio design”, we meant it. The devs behind Hunt: Showdown has put a lot of effort into the way everything sounds. A lot of things you take for granted as quiet environmental flair in other games, actually make loud noises in this game. Noises that could spell your end swiftly. 

Whether you’ve grazed a hanging chain or stepped on a bunch of broken glass, you’ll make a sound that will alert nearby enemies; both human and AI. One of the ways to avoid this is through crouching. Your movement will be greatly slowed down but that beats stomping around a barn, alerting every zombie within earshot. On the flip side, be sure to keep an ear out for when other players get noisy to get the drop on them.

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Go for the Throat

Hunt: Showdown is a battle royale at heart and, as such, guns are the order of the day. However, that need not apply to everything that moves. As both a PVP and PVE experience, the game includes AI monstrosities to deal with. For the most part, these enemies should be avoided if possible as their growls and screeches add to the noise you generate.

In cases where stealth isn’t an option, though, it’s best to rely on your trusty knife and melee weapons. Here’s where you need to master the charge attack. Hold down your attack button with your melee equipped. After a while, you’ll thrust with your blade, dealing heavy damage. Most fodder zombies should take one or two hits to die while other enemies may need more.

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Prepare for the Hunt

What will surely make or break your games is the way you prepare in Hunt: Showdown. This isn’t a game where you just jump into a quick match and call it a day. The gear you choose matters, from your weapons to the support items you carry. Here’s a quick rundown of items you should bring to every match: Stick of dynamite, knife, large vitality shot, first aid kit, and flare pistol.

Keep in mind that veteran players will be on the lookout if you have these items before entering a game. If you don’t, then they might bail on you.

The Kiddie Pool

If you’re just starting out with the game, don’t worry about veteran players during your first few matches. You won’t be matched up with them. Instead, you’ll be matched with other new players, making matches considerably easier. Like with everything else in Hunt: Showdown, though, this too isn’t that simple.

Instead of building bad habits, use your new player matches as an opportunity to build up the skills we discussed. Focus on your quiet movement. Keep your ears open for noises. Practice your charged attack. All of these will be harder to work on during actual games.

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