Top 10 Best Official Game Add-ons and DLCs

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It’s always exciting when add-ons and DLCs become available. Every gamer has experienced the mind-numbing sensation of knowing they’ve finished a title and there are no more exploits just around the corner. The extra content of add-ons and DLCs allow players to go back to their favorite game universe for one more adventure The following are some of the best all time game add-ons and DLCs, in no particular order.

1. Blood and Wine (The Witcher 3)

This was a DLC that seemed more like a whole new game. There was approximately 20 hours of richly story-driven content, dialogue, and a wide range of engaging quests. It provided a big bang for the buck and brought Geralt to the huge new open world area of the land of Toussaint.

2. Dragonborn (The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim)

Players were given a wealth of new lore, the return of the legendary Dragon Priest Miraak, and the best part of all – the ability to ride dragons across the open world.

3. Left Behind (The Last of Us)

Ellie and her backstory is the focus of the DLC. It fleshes out Ellie’s character in perspective to her past and shows how she received her bite. It’s an indication of her headset during the base game and is an admirable addition.

4. Opposing Force (Half-Life)

Rather than cheating Gordon Freeman of a well-deserved rest after the events of Black Mesa, the DLC focused on the U.S. Marines and their task of hunting down and eliminating Freeman.

5. Point Lookout (Fallout 3)

Point Lookout provided all the best-loved elements of the game and integrated them into the story that actually improved the base game. Players trudge through a swamp while fending off enemies and uncovering mysteries, making this the benchmark for the expansions that followed.

6. The Conquerors (Age of Empires II)

It added characters that included Attila the Hun and Montezuma to the mix, five new civilizations, multi-player maps, multiple game modes, and a variety of fun elements. It allowed players to not just shape history, but to control it.

7. The Frozen Throne (Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos)

Gamers were introduced to a custom game creator and the DLC set the stage for an entirely new genre within the Warcraft series.

8. The Lost and Damned (GTA IV)

Gamers played in the character of Johnny Klebitz, acting president of The Lost biker gang. Game play felt like a logical extension of the base game, but it also offered a story that inserted a significant amount of pure fun into it.

9. The Shivering Isles (The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion

The only major expansion for Oblivion, players had access to the terror and madness of Sheogorath’s Plane with 30 hours of new content added to the base game. It was an enormous add-on to a game that already had immense proportions.

10. Undead Nightmare (Red Dead Redemption)

Taking place prior to John Martson’s death, it’s a campy extension that transforms Martson from a gunslinger into a zombie killer. There are new weapons to use against the undead and there’s a Sasquatch subplot that will make players think.

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