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Titanfall 2: The Best Tips for Beginner Pilots

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Despite launching sandwiched between two other big FPS releases, Titanfall 2 is one of the best shooters of this gaming generation. You’ve got giant robots and parkour. What’s not to love? Coupled with one of the best business models in the industry and you have a recipe for a solid buy. That being said, Titanfall 2 is a bit unconventional compared to other FPS titles. Its high-flying gameplay which emphasizes mobility and verticality makes it somewhat intimidating to new pilots just jumping in. Fear not, rookie, Grab your gear and let’s walk through some of the most important tips for starting out in Titanfall 2.

Titan Giant 2

Titan Giants

Titans are one half of what makes this game so unique in the first-person shooter landscape. They’re in the name after all. It’s always an exhilarating moment when you call down your own to wreak havoc on the battlefield. With 7 different types to choose from, you’re quite spoiled for choice for how you accomplish that, too. As such, picking the right giant partner in Titanfall 2 is crucial to be strong in this game. If running in guns blazing is your thing, both Ion and Ronin are excellent choices. When picking off enemies from afar is more your speed, go for Northstar and Scorch. And for those times when you just can’t decide, Tone, Monarch and the mighty Legion will provide the best of both worlds.

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Battery Supply

Titanfall 2 is heavily team-based like a lot of other FPS’s. One key mechanic that adds an extra layer of teamplay is Titan batteries. These can be obtained by climbing on top of enemy Titans and yanking them out. This will damage them heavily in the process. Once you have a battery in your possession, you can plant it inside a fellow iron giant or on your own to increase its shields. It’s easy to also tell when your teammate needs a battery as Titanfall 2 automatically alerts you as to who has called out for one.

Bunny Hop like a Titan?

As a game heavily based around being mobile, Titanfall 2 has a lot of options for moving around both on the ground and in the air. From sliding to wall-running, you’ve got many ways to get around the map. One advanced method, however, that the game doesn’t tell you about is the “bunny hop”. This technique exploits the way momentum is held when you slide. Start off by gaining speed as efficiently as possible. Then jump and immediately hit your slide button. As you glide across the ground, rhythmically tap jump and slide in quick succession. This will keep you moving forward at incredible speed if you do it right. The “bunny hop” is by far the fastest way to move in Titanfall 2.

The important thing to remember is that in Titanfall 2 you’ve got to constantly move. By getting all mobility options under your belt you’ll quickly become the best pilot around.

Titanfall 2 mobility

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