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Gaming is the best product of technology. We can’t see a better implementation of technology in anything than in gaming. It makes you do the impossible. It makes you believe like you are in another world. Gaming opens the door to entertainment to us. Today, an ocean of games has been introduced in the gaming world for players. Every day, gaming fans get to have a new game for themselves. Just like this, Unity Technologies also presented “The Explorer” in the gaming market recently.

The Explorer:

The Explorer is a recently released single-player action-adventure game. It was released in 19th March 2020 by SedSanGames and Unity Technologies. The Explorer is an action-packed series with all the features needed to attract a gamer. If you are an adventurer and like adventures, then this game is the best one for you. Just as the name indicates, The Explorer takes you to an exciting journey in a world full of mysteries in which you have to complete different challenges to make your way out. It will never let you get bored even after playing for hours. 

The Explorer

Sequel and Prequel:

It is an independent series developed by Unity Technologies and SedSanGames, which has no prequels. However, we can expect an exciting sequel of the series from the developers in the next time. Now let’s see a look at its gameplay. 

Gameplay Review:

How is the gameplay of “The Explorer” like? The Explorer is a third-person perspective game revolving around a single main character. The player has to move forward continuously and explore on the way. On the way, he has to solve puzzles to make his path. These puzzles include switches that trigger other switches and more like this. He also has to face many different monsters on the way, that can be eliminated. There is no special weapon used in the game else they have given a staff to the player to attack. The maps and the terrains are detailed and very nicely made. The gameplay is excellent overall, however, there could have been an addition of some new weapons in the player’s arsenal.

Now let’s see some of the features of The Explorer that make it one of the best.

The Explorer

Best Features:


The video quality and graphics of a game matter a lot, but if it’s an action-adventure game, then there is no compromise on these factors. Well, this is a strong point in the case of The Explorer. It has charming and attractive graphics and animations. The playing field is made with keeping every minute detail in mind.

Simple Casual Gameplay:

This is the most appealing feature of The Explorer. The gameplay is simple and casual. They haven’t worked on adding too many elements in the game, which probably is done on purpose. It looks like one is playing a game of old-time with the latest graphics. Today, there are a lot of people that prefer such type of games. So, The Explorer is a masterpiece for them.

Puzzles and Challenges:

The game has several problems and challenges that should be solved to proceed in the game. These puzzles make the game more challenging and add competition to the game.

The Explorer

Best Gaming Tips:

Here are some of the best tips for The Explorer that will make your game more entertaining and enjoyable.

Keep Search:

If a person is playing an adventure game, then the first and the essential tip is always to keep searching for items. Adventure games always are filled with wonderful items. You need to keep searching and find those items.

The Explorer

Don’t Rush:

This tip can is essential for every game, no matter which genre it consists of. You should play the game in its flow and should not try to rush. It will deprive you of the fun, and you would not get the real experience.


You should always keep an eye on your health meter. If you had not recovered health, a game over would take you to start. And you would have to complete it again. So, keep an eye on health.

The Explorer has reached the market recently, and with its features, it has yet to reach great heights. It is a must-try game, and you must try it as well.

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