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Today in the series of Gamivo Deal of The day we are highlighting a song of the near-future in form of Surviving Mars. Sooner or late we will be obliged to leave our planet and first rational destination seems to be the Mars itself. Our greatest minds are already working on potential solutions and ways on how to get to the Mars. Surviving on the Red Planet is a completely different story – told or at least really well simulated in our today’s proposition.

Surviving Mars has been created by Haemimont Studios known from Tropico 4 and 5 or Victor Vrann games. The responsibility of publishing the game has been put on Paradox Interactive – a giant of strategy and simulator games.

Surviving Mars is a classic example of city-builder genre. Although the roots of the game are well-known, which make the game easy to comprehend and the level of entry is quite low, Surviving Mars puts a little twist when it comes to the gameplay. First and foremost we start the game without human crew. At the first stage lifeless robots and drones will help us in preparing the ground and gather the basic resources for our future colony. We will need a stable source of water and light, oxygen generators, additional power generators or life-sustaining devices and of course a means of transport on Mars.

Surviving Mars colony

After the initial process we are able to bring humans. Each of our colonizators has a different sets of abilities, perks and features. We need to take all of the under consideration if we want our Mars society grow in peace and harmony. Body and mental health status, morals and comfort will also play a main role in our colony.

Surviving Mars at night

Surviving Mars offers a lot of building possibilities but also opens a new branch o transportation technology to be developed and taken care of. Another important aspect is connected with gathering resources, most of the times hidden underneath of Red Planet. There is also a story element in the game of campaigns and hidden missions triggered by mysterious encounters or anomalies.
Game offers a singleplayer story or challenge mode as well as fully free and boundless sandbox option.

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