Star Wars The Old Republic – is it worth returning to it in 2020?

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Biggest Star Wars MMO project is online from 9 years already. It had its ups and downs – especially after not very successful launch, not rewarding subscription plan and a lot of grindy activities. The Game went through intense revitalization process, received many updates and expansions and most importantly it is free-to-play now. No need to subscribe, even tough it is recommended- to be able to unlock the whole potential hidden in the game.

Is it worth returning to SW:TOR after so many years?
Short answer: Absolutely Yes

Star Wars The Old Republic

Long answer:

Story of Star Wars The Old Republic

Star Wars The Old Republic offers a classic and well-known MMO experience. However, game is aimed more at PvE and story players than these who would like to conquer PvP arenas and warzones. There are 8 different campaigns for 8 different classes spread across 2 allegiances – Old Republic forces and ruthless Empire. Developers put a heavy focus on story and historic environment that player is exploring during the duration of main campaign. This feature of the game is not a filler and something meant to be beat extremely quickly – treated as some kind of tutorial. No. Campaigns are engaging, deep and well-written – definitely something more than just a leveling process for all Star Wars geeks.
After beating the main story game offers many expansions, which are something like end-game phase but still filled with NPCs, quests and various activities. We reach the level cap of 75 after beating all expansions.

Star Wars The Old Republic Wallpaper


As we have mentioned – you are offered 8 classes across two sides of the conflict. Republic is represented by Jedi Knights and Consulars, Smugglers and Republic Soldiers. You will serve Empire as Sith Warrior or Inquisitior, Bounty Hunter or Imperial Agent. Each of these classes has 2 sub-classes and inside them there are 3 specialization skill-trees. The variety is really big and adaptive as well. You can freely rearrange your specialization depending on current situation. Each class has its unique equipment kit and wears armor ranging from light to heavy.
You unlock abilities during the leveling process in both main class and sub-class tree.


Star Wars The Old Republic is a perfect place for someone who would like to explore a galaxy far, far away really deeply and with a freedom that was not able previously. Naturally some zones are locked behind level requirement or allegiance you have chosen – but two high-level characters from different side of the conflict will allow to visit every planet and space station in the game. Locations are enormous, but beautifully designed at the same time. They contains a lot of puzzles and riddles that will encourage you into further investigations of distant systems. The architecture of Jedi/Sith temples, Coruscant, Nar Shaddaa is just breathtaking. You often will find yourself just admiring the view rather than the game itself.

Social activites

Star Wars The Old Republic is still a MMO game so naturally we will find many multiplayer features available. Campaigns can be played in parties. During them there are two more difficult mission types – Heroic and Flashpoints – both meant to be played in parties, which means the enemies are tougher but offers better and more rare loot.
Later in the game you unlock PvP arenas – Warzones, Galactic Starfighter activites that allow you to become a pilot of a starship and Guild vs Guild battles for the control of certain planets. During all of these you contribute to either dark or light side of the force and after reaching certain thresholds you can unlock unique items particularly linked to one of the chosen side.
There are activity finder tool – so don’t hesitate and enjoy all of these mulitplayer actions with other players.

Is it worth returning to Star Wars The Old Republic?

Absolutely yes – no doubt. Game offers hundreds of hours of really good and engaging gameplay that is even more enjoyable with a companion of your friends. Game doesn’t require any money investment to it, to fully enjoy the main campaigns. Variety is huge, there are a lot of builds, items, crafting system, companions, group activities and even housing system in it. Almost boundless world is waiting to be explored and all of these set in one of the most iconic universe of all science-fiction genre. Game has healthy player-base, which will include you in their ranks immediately after your arrival. Hesitate no more and download Star Wars The Old Republic from official site.

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