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Heads up! Even though the atmosphere and overall mood might be a little grimy for the time being, there is St.Patrick’s Day ahead of us to brighten our upcoming days. To celebrate this happy and joyful day we have prepared 4 special promotions for all of gamers locked in their house. It’s a good time to catch up titles you previously didn’t have time to experience

St.Patricks Day starts at 4pm CET with ACTION GAMES discount

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To receive 11% off for ALL Action productions – only during St.Patrick’s Day.

New coupon every hour – starting from 4 PM CET

St.Patrick's Day gamivo logo which shows leprechaun in pot of gold and little happy rainbow
Coupon is applicable to all orders up to 50€

St.Patrick’s Day highlights:

Escape From Tarkov

Escape from Tarkov - get it during St.Patrick's Day and enjoy it with friends

Join thousands of players in this open-world multiplayer unrelenting skirmish. Gather resources and vital components to survive overwhelming threat. Create a deadly group of hired mercenaries together with your friends and eliminate the others. Realistic shooting system, deep and complex crafting structures, countless enhancements and upgrades for your weapons. Explore and comprehend all of those to become the last one standing.

Borderlands 3

Borderlands 3 - great pick up during St.Patrick's Day

An explosive proposition for St.Patrick’s Day! Explore humongous world of Pandora filled with unique enemies, thousands of varying weapons and of course plenty of characteristic Borderland’s humor. All of those in comics-like graphic style.
Great and smooth shooting system offers different approaches to the game.

World of Warcraft 30 day time card

St.Patrick's Day

It’s a great time to explore Azeroth right now. Seek for the 30 day time card during St.Patrick’s Day and jump right into the greatest and already iconic MMO game of our times. Boundless world, deep and fascinating quests, long and demanding but also rewarding raids and world bosses. Hundreds of skills and passives allow you to create an unique character corresponding to your gaming preferences. Don’t hesitate no more!

Red Dead Redemption 2

St.Patrick's Day

Become an outlaw in the harsh, bitter and unforgiving world of Wild West. Open but still very detailed and complex world is waiting for you. Survive, make profits, deal with your enemies and create alliances. Rockstar games provides us with another gem that is a must-play game for true gamers. Now with great multiplayer mode available to enhance the experience even more!

Enjoy St.Patrick’s Day with Gamivo! Be sure to check out our site every hour starting from 4pm CET

Coupon is applicable to all orders up to 50€

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