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Social distancing is at its nigh. Most of us are locked and isolated in our houses without an access to public space. We still don’t know how long it will last, but the precautions turned out to be effective enough to at least delay the spread of the pandemic. Games as well turned out to be super effective against boredom and a lot of free time currently available. We are blessed by multiplayer games that allow us to spend a great chunk of time with our friends online.


If you are slowly running out of new gaming ideas or would like to try something new with your playgroup be sure to check out our list of MMO games worth up checking out. All of these 5 projects are insanely fun to play with friends, offer a great and fully explorable world and naturally has a deep progression system.

Games are listed in no particular order. All of them offer quite similar content but in different settings – so it’s up to you where you would like to commence your MMO journey.

1.World of Warcraft

We couldn’t start this list by not putting World of Warcraft in the first place. It had revolutionized the entire genre and created trends that has been continued up until today. After almost 20 year, game is still alive and well. Constant updates, new expansions and an addition of WoW Classic has spiced the whole experience even more. Choose between two eternally conflicted movements – Alliance or Horde and become one of the most courageous and remarkable hero of it. Explore the world of Azeroth and its distant corners filled with dangerous monsters and vicious threats. Set adventures and raids for legendary loot and don’t forget about your trusty mount. Test your strength against real opponents in PVP arenas and proof them that you are the true hero of your faction.

2. Star Wars The Old Republic

Star Wars The Old Republic wallpaper with amny characterss and the game name in the center. The best Star Wars MMO available

A long time ago in a galaxy farfar away…. we all know that line, don’t we? SWTOR is the most successful MMO game set in Star Wars universe, no doubt. Taking place in the most interesting and meaningful times of Old Republic players jump right into complex conflict of scattered nations, unstable empires and deadly gangs. Join the Republic or take side of the Empire. Become either lawful and rightful Jedi or vicious and merciless Sith. Cruise trough the vast ocean of space and battle against the others with your spaceship. Raids, world events and expansion zones – good and well-known MMO experience. SWTOR arguably has put the most effort on the story. We are offered 8 different campaigns filled with demanding moral choices. May the force be with you!

3. Elder Scrolls Online

The Elder Scrolls Online wallpaper with mage, warrior and rouge. One of the newest and freshest MMO out here

Another great universe waiting to be explored. Elder Scrolls Online offers the most extended and vast space to discover for all of the Elder Scrolls franchise fans. Tamriel is open as never. Join one of the 3 factions trying to get as many influence as possible. Hundreds of quests, items and skills. Not only class- specific, but guilds, races and craftsmanship offers different skill-trees as well. Advanced crafting and enhancing system, with varying resources, extends the process of development of your character. Socialize with others by creating guilds and building your own guild castle.
ESO as well as SWTOR has a strong story focus and takes place in locations known from singlepayer iterations of the game.

4. Guild Wars 2

Guild Wars 2 logo depiction a dragon in form of number 2. Great MMO game no doubt

We close up the list with Guild Wars 2 – the most competitive rival of World of Warcraft right now! Great player-base that has been lured with ton of content will for sure greet you in their ranks. 5 very much different races and 9 classes creates great replayablity. World of Guild Wars 2 is filled with secrets, jump puzzles, vistas and points of interest – all of these granting additional experience – so don’t hesitate and embark an exploration trip. Periodical boss-events, Word vs World PVP feature, and very interesting approach to leveling and skills – no doubt one of the most unique features in the MMO genre. Skills are bound to weapons instead of your character. Swap them, adapt and overcome the enemies.

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