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Maneater: Everything You Need to Know

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Have you ever wanted to play a game where you’re a deadly, continuously evolving shark? Then Maneater is the game you’ve been waiting for. Part action RPG, part survival game, Maneater puts you in control of the deadly jaws of a young bull shark out for revenge. Unlike other games where playing underwater feels sluggish and awkward, this game’s protagonist makes you feel like a sea god that moves with high speed and lethal precision.

Deadly Shark roam the ocean

Here’s everything you need to know about this brand new title.

A Dish Best Served Cold in Maneater

The tale of the young bull shark in Maneater is a sad one. After witnessing his mother’s death at the hands of Scaly Pete, a shark hunter, and becoming disfigured during an accident, our hero is on the warpath of retribution. He must chomp, bite and gobble his way to the ultimate evolution level before he can face off against his nemesis. At the same time, our young bull shark must entertain the viewers of the TV reality show “Sharkhunters vs. Maneaters”.

Maneater gameplay
A shark laying in the harbor

The Great Blue Yonder

Maneater is an open-world game that takes place primarily in the deep blue sea. You have the freedom to zip around across 7 unique biomes, chomping on anything that moves. There’s quite a bit of diversity. One moment you’re in open clear waters, the next you’re sludging through pollution and swamps. Maneater’s map is a hazardous hunting ground. Perfect for a young bull shark on the path of growth.

Optimize skills in Maneater

As a bull shark out for revenge, you’re not just going to settle for a few bites and call it a day. Maneater tasks you with becoming the biggest, deadliest underwater predator in existence. To accomplish this, you’ll have to make use of a variety of skills. Our sharp-toothed protagonist can do a variety of basic attacks like charging forward and tail-whipping foes. Taking advantage of your environment will also give you tactical advantages. You can even grab a swordfish and use it to empower your forward charge. Enemies, of course, won’t just sit there and let you take a big bite. You’ll have to observe their attack patterns in order to find the best moment to strike.

optimization in Maneater
Optimize your shark’s evolution

A Menace to All

The game may be called Maneater but that doesn’t mean all you’ll be fighting are puny humans lounging on their sailing boats and beaches. Once you’ve built up some Notoriety, the Bounty Hunters will start coming for you. Think GTA underwater here, only with teeth and harpoons. Once you’ve chomped on enough human flesh, it will be time to challenge some Apex Predators. These underwater monstrosities, from other shark types to giant squids, serve as biome bosses and are tough to take down.  over each of them is the key to getting closer to ending Scaly Pete once and for all.

Maneater graphics

Overall, Maneater sounds like it’s a tidal wave of fun. If you’ve ever wanted to feel like the fiercest predator on the high seas, grab a copy and dive in.

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