Knights of The Old Republic -revisited

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The concentration of the force is really high and tense, and it seems that tomorrow it will be in its peak. May the 4th is almost here and the best opportunity to celebrate it is to revisit one of the most iconic and already classic title from Star Wars franchise. Knights of The Old Republic set a new benchmark not only in Star Wars universe but also in RPG genre market. Great mix of story driven action, with elements of puzzles, decision making and deep character progress system, guaranteed the place in RPG Hall of Fame for KotOR.

It’s almost 17 years after the official launch of the game. How it performs today? Did it age well? Is it worth returning into it and discover the mystery of Lord Revan and Lord Malek? Let’s check it out!

The story and setting of Knights of The Old Republic

No doubt – they are two most essential things if you are a RPG freak. You need an engaging and gripping history to follow that is set in interesting, deep and remarkable world. KotOR does both of them in a great, well-executed way. KotOR takes place, as the name suggests, in times of The Old Republic – approximately 4000 years before we met Luke SkywalkerA New Hope episode. Whole galaxy is ravaged by the consequences of Mandalorian War and new conflict rises above the horizon. The Sith lead by rouge Jedi Master – Lord Malek try to overcome homeworlds of many species and establish a new order under their ruling. You are thrown directly into this conflict and your first task is to rescue missing Jedi Knight. At the same time you are hunted by strange visions of the past that you desire to unveil. We can’t say no more – but we assure all of you that Knights of The Old Republic has one of the best stories among all RPG games ever created.

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Mechanics of KotOR

Game operates in classic RPG system where you progress your character in many different fields and domain that are preferable for your favorite playstyle. You can be a tough, melee grunt or sneaky pistol scoundrel. At some point you will get access to Jedi and Sith force abilities that are superior to non-force skills, but they are not essential by any means. KotOR can be played the way you like. There are passive feats that are gradable up to 3 tiers, main attributes responsible for basic check tests, skills and powers – utility tools during combat. As we mentioned earlier you can advance in two fields – Light and Dark side. You gather particular points during your adventure while making crucial decisions – spare someones life, take more money as the reward etc.


Across the galaxy there are scattered a tons of items, weapons or armor pieces – loot in general. Sometimes you can find a weapon (they are rare) that is upgradable by various mods and enhancements. As the wielder of lighstaber you seek crystals that make your weapon even more stronger. If your companion is a droid there are plenty of parts waiting to be picked up and installed into your little friend.


They are not only meat-shields and brainless zombies that follow you. All of them has story hidden inside them. They as well has a lot of moral conflicts across the game and offers unique and individual mission that grant a loyalty towards you. Remember to talk to them during every mission or bring particular one to particular planets as they may appear very helpful. Companions complete your character as you can’t be Jack-of-all-trades in KotOR

Knights of The Old Republic screenshot showing sith killing rancors with lightning

It is absolutely worth trying out Knights of The Old Republic even tough the game is almost 17 years. Story is so gripping and engaging that you will forget about the real world when you launch KotOR. RPG system is perfectly balanced and opens hundreds of possible builds. Naturally, graphics are not as good as today, but this is one of the last concerns in RPG games. World building, story-telling and depth of this game is insane. Pick it up and unveil the mystery that covers the galaxy

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