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Gears Tactics: 4 Tips to Dominate the Battlefield

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The hotly anticipated Gears Tactics has been out since April this year and it’s proven to be a hit. Its recognizable IP combined with challenging gameplay made a recipe for success. As it is a title that stops pulling its punches quite early, you’ll want to be equipped with the best tips to tackle the Locust. Both veterans to turn-based strategy games and newcomers may want to take note of Gears Tactic’s more unique aspects.

Boss fight Gears Tactics

Let’s make you the most dominant general on the battlefield.

Give All Units TLC

This tactical spin-off of the Gears series is rife with familiar hero characters but don’t get tunnel vision. You’ll be recruiting a lot of other characters along the way. It’s therefore vital to level up all your squad – even the benchwarmers – using side missions. Gears Tactics becomes brutal quite early into the campaign. If you happen to lose, say, your best Heavy hero, you’ll be left dragging a lowbie scrub along instead. Spend some time giving tender loving care to all your troops so you don’t end up brown water creek without a paddle.

Choose your team Gears

Line Them Up in Gears Tactics

One amazingly entertaining mechanic in Gears Tactics is Bullet Penetration. This enables shots to go through enemies and some barriers, making it possible to kill more than one opposing unit. It’s important to, therefore, check how much area behind your main target your weapon covers to choose the most kill efficient angle. Be wary, though, as this mechanic is present in all weapons. You may end up having a Heavy rip through foes as well as any friendlies in the vicinity.

best Strategy

Execution Momentum Gears Tactics

Another thrilling mechanic that made the transition from the main Gears games was Executions. Taking out Locust units with these brutal finishers isn’t just for show, though. Every execution performed on a downed foe in Gear Tactics gives your entire squad an extra action point. This means that you can be very aggressive as more and more enemies find themselves at death’s door. It’s even possible to use this mechanic to wipe out the entire battlefield in a single turn.

Cones of Reckoning

Overwatch is also another useful and abusable mechanic in Gears Tactics. You can have a unit exchange its action points to get into anticipation mode. This effectively creates a cone in front of them which will destroy any enemy unit that finds itself within. The main issue is that the wider the spread of the cone, the weaker the shots. The best way to maximize Overwatch is to overlap cones with a few units together. Bonus tip: since Locust can also use this mechanic, the Vanguard-class can use their Disabling shot to make quick work of them.

Gears Tactics optimize your team

One of the best things about Gears Tactics is how it takes the tactical gameplay popularised by the XCOM series and adds its own GoW spin to it. There’s a lot to juggle but using these tips and getting accustomed to the game’s mechanics make for rewarding battles.

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