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Gamivo is made by gamers for gamers. This idea guides us everyday during our work and ultimately lead us to open a Gamivo partnership department. Our mission is to be closer to the community engaging interactions between our brand, influencers and their audience. We support creation of the content relying on our partners imagination and as a result of that we are committed to assist individually every single person that wants to become a member of our family.  Strengthening the already created bonds is one of the main goals that drives Gamivo. Without you, the community, there wouldn’t be us.

We have developed two different cooperation models:

  • Gamivo Affiliate. allows anybody to earn 8% from each sale made by their individual referral link. Simply register and promote the link among your community to get in store credit that can be withdrawn after reaching 50€. This form of promotion doesn’t require anything but will to spread a word about us. For more information be sure to check out brief affiliate presentation.
  • Gamivo Partnerships is meant for professional influencers, bloggers, streamers and people involved in gaming in general. We support imaginative and innovation creations in exchange for advertising. Our mission is to be close to the creator and their community. We will provide the cheapest possible prices so more people can join the gaming movement under the flags of Gamivo.

Playing games became something more than just a fun. Gaming has reached such status that it is inseparable part of our culture. PCs, Consoles, portable devices, streams, esport, VR, sim racing, LetsPlays, simulators, mods, new genres etc. are just a fraction of things that geeks (and not only) love! The diversity is insanely large – everyone can find something fitted for them. The community and its content will never be exclusive.

In the Gamivo partnership department there is no member without gaming experience. This gives us a great opportunity to do what we like, watch hours of content during the research, talk about games and contribute to communities. A wise man once said that you will never work a day if you do what you like. We are lucky to be here and we do this with joy. 

If you ever considered professional cooperation with the company that is a part of the gaming industry but you do not know how to approach promotion marketing wise, please do not hesitate to send us an email. Maybe we become not only partners but comerates.

  [email protected]

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