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News 26/01/2022

The Evil Dead is one of the most iconic horror franchises with a huge and devoted fan base. Full of gore and blood, it inspired not only movies, but also TV series, comic books, and, of course, games. Now, Saber Interactive is preparing a new, exciting, and bloody Evil Dead game for the series fans. Evil Dead: The Game release date is finally set, after being postponed in 2021. Let’s have a look at what to expect from this new title.    

Evil Dead series

Evil dead the game

Evil Dead is a horror comedy franchise that debuted with a 1981 movie, The Evil Dead. The story revolves around Ashley “Ash” J. Williams and his battle against the Deadites created by the Necronomicon Ex-Mortis, or “The Book of the Dead”. The movie was the directing debut of Sam Raimi. It became iconic in no time and was quickly followed by TV series, comic books, and games (including the upcoming Evil Dead: The Game!) inspired by it.

The Evil Dead series has a huge and devoted fan base. Moreover, many movie lines became a part of today’s pop culture. This isn’t surprising as Evil Dead wittily combines elements of comedy and horror. Like, come on, is there any horror movie addict who doesn’t remember the outstanding performance of Bruce Campbell fighting against his own hand and screaming “Who’s laughing now”? We don’t think so. So far, there are four Evil Dead movies. 

  • The Evil Dead (1981),
  • The Evil Dead II (1987), 
  • Army of Darkness (1992)
  • And the 2013 reboot, Evil Dead.

However, rumor has it that a sequel to the 2013 movie, called Evil Dead Rise, will appear in 2022 on HBO Max. As of right now, all we know is that the shooting wrapped in October 2021, and 6500 liters of fake blood were used during production. Sounds like a “bloody” movie if you ask us.   

Evil Dead game 

Evil Dead the game

There are already multiple Evil Dead video games, the last one released for Oculus Go in 2018. The latest Saber Interactive game was announced at the 2020 Game Awards with a reveal trailer and initial premiere set to 2021. However, Evil Dead: The Game release date was postponed by Saber Interactive. The announcement on the game’s official Twitter said that the delay had been caused by polishing the game in order to ensure the best experience for the players.  

“Hey groovy gamers, we’re targeting a new release date to give the team some extra time for polish and to ensure this is the ultimate Evil Dead experience you’re all waiting for!” read the Twitt. 

Additionally, the developer team is also using this extra time to add the single-player mode to the game. Originally, Evil Dead: The Game was supposed to only be a multiplayer third-person horror shooting experience for up to four players. Right now the team is working to add a few side missions to play solo. Moreover, it will be possible to play multiplayer with AI bots if your friends are not around. However, there is still little information about this single-player mode. We’ll have to wait for some more insight from the developers.    

During the 2021 Summer Game Fest, fans had a chance to get a sneak peek into the Evil Dead: The Game gameplay for the first time. The 3D visuals looked really detailed, and the game seems to be filled with action, blood, and gore﹘all the best slasher features. Moreover, players will be able to choose a character to play as, including Scotty, Lord Arthur, Kelly Maxwell, and Pablo Simon Bolivar. There will also be four Ash character classes: 

  • Leader,
  • Warrior, 
  • Hunter, 
  • And support. 

And if you feel more comfortable being on the evil side, you’ll be able to play as Kandarian Demon and command the Deadites. 

The original Evil Dead cast is joining the game!

Evil Dead

Bruce Campbell, the actor playing Ash in the original Evil Dead movies, said during one interview, that he along with some members of the original cast are going to voice the game’s characters. We could already hear the actor’s voice in the Evil Dead game trailer and in the gameplay reveal trailer. Apart from Campbell, we will hear Ellen Sandweiss as Cheryl and Hel Delrich as Scotty, as well as Betsy Baker as Linda and Theresa Tilly as Shelly, who will make special appearances in the game. Campbell also ensures that Evil Dead: The Game is worth waiting for, and will surely bring back nostalgic memories to the most avid fans of the franchise.  

Evil Dead: The Game release date

Evil Dead the game

As we’ve already mentioned, the initial release date of the game in 2021 was postponed due to the polishing process and adding the single-player mode. As of today, Evil Dead: The Game is to be released in February 2022. The game will be available on such platforms as:

  • PlayStation 4,
  • PlayStation 5,
  • Xbox One, 
  • Xbox Series X|S
  • And PC. 

That’s all we know about Saber Interactive’s new horror game so far. Don’t forget to share with us your thoughts about this title on our social media. And make sure to check our blog daily for all the latest updates, news, and discounts! 


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