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Everything you need to know about Anno 1800

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Anno 1800 is the seventh game in a series of historically focused, saved for the penultimate two, city-building and management games. After Anno 2070 and Anno 2205 taking players into the future, the series returns to its historical roots, specifically the 19th century Industrial Revolution. And with it, comes a whole slew of new features and additions that make for one of the best Anno experiences to date.

Here’s everything you need to know about what is new in Anno 1800.

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The Game’s Setting

The 19th century Industrial Revolution was a pivotal moment in human history that was filled with socioeconomic nuance and debate. This is at the forefront of Anno 1800 where your choices will determine if you are going to place more focus on technological advancement to the detriment of social justice or become a champion of the people by ensuring equal and fair work conditions. You’ll also get to explore new places.

Return to Form

Although Anno 2205 wasn’t necessarily the worst in the series, it did garner some of the ire of the series’ fans who felt the game was overly complex with too many redundancies. Anno 1800 does away with all of that with the developers having taken feedback into account. Features like randomly generated maps and Trade Routes from previous games return to the latest installment. The key pillar the development team has focused on is bringing together all of the best aspects of the previous titles into one.

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Let’s Imagine it First

Trying to put together a complex city with nothing but your mind’s eye can be a difficult task and developer Blue Byte agrees. That’s why with Anno 1800 they’ve introduced an intuitive new feature: Blueprint Mode. With Blueprints, you can drop several transparent placeholder buildings at once to see how they look before locking in the building process. This enables you to see how your placement looks without worrying about wasting time and resources.

Anno 1800 Art

Happiness Levels

Remember when we talked about being a hero of the people? You’ll know if you’re well on your way to becoming one via the Happiness Tab. This meter gives you an overall view of how your citizens feel about how you’re running the joint. The critical thing to know about Anno 1800’s Happiness is that it’s not necessary for progression. You can choose to be a benevolent leader by ensuring your citizens are always happy. You can, also, choose to exploit them to ensure society’s progress as a whole.

Put out the Fires

Another feature of Anno 1800 that will keep you on your toes is City Incidents. The three types that can occur are Fires, Riots, and Illnesses. Pressing your citizens too much could result in Riots, while Fires will break out if your factories and manufacturing facilities are poorly maintained. And similarly to the real-life Industrial Revolution, too much pollution can lead to illness and poor health. All of this affects your aforementioned Happiness Tab so be sure to prevent these things from happening as much as possible.

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