General News Promotions 12/04/2020

Due to the latest circumstances and worldwide situation Easter will not be the same as always. But don’t worry, over here at Gamivo we would like to stay true to the traditions as possible. One of them is Egg Hunt where you seek over your backyard, garden and home for sweet eggs and little gifts attach to them.

We would like to invite all of you to be a part of Gamivo Easter Games Hunt with 5000€ of value waiting to be discovered and then unwrapped.

Gamivo Easter Games Hunt showing broken egg filled with games, 5000€ value and little white bunny

Easter Games Hunt is a special event held by Gamivo until May 10th. From now on there will be hundreds of game keys hidden all over our site. Be sure to check every little corner really deeply as the games will show up in a most unexpected places you would never thought about! Fun doesn’t end when you acquire a treasure. You must figure out on what digital distribution platform it can be activated and you must unravel one missing letter or number within the key to ultimately become a happy owner of a new game.

Be sure to briefly acknowledge with the rules of Easter Games Hunt:

  • Easter Games Hunt starts on 12th of April and terminates on 10th of May
  • Free game keys will be hidden all over Gamivo website
  • Games can be activated on one of the digital distribution platform such as Origin, Steam or Uplay – but it’s up to you to discover where they are applicable.
  • Small letter before the key will tell the platform the key needs to be activated on – that’s all we can say now
  • Sometimes you may find an already used key – don’t worry and keep looking for more of them. We’ve hidden a lot of keys
  • The last character shown as (?) must be discovered by the user
  • We don’t want to make it that easy – so please do not contact our support regarding hidden keys. They are true mystery keepers and won’t say a word
  • Do not contact our support regarding already used codes as well. We promise there are plenty of them. Be sure to scrutinize our website with your keen eye online and you will be rewarded

Good luck to all of egg game hunters!


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