DIABLO IV – Everything we know so far!

General News 19/02/2020

Long-waited Diablo IV is approaching us with its premiere. Still, we will need to be fully equipped with patient as the game won’t be available till the end of this year or the beginning of the next one -2021 (probably first quarter). Diablo IV is still veiled with mysterious atmosphere as there are no many detailed information about the game itself. But as we are living in the age of the mentioned information – we would like to show you everything we know about Diablo IV so far.

Diablo IV promotional screen

Hereos of Diablo IV

This time we will choose one of the Hero of Sanctuary. So far there has been released only three potential options. Barbarian and Mage that has been appearing in all games of series. They are on totally different ends of the class axis. Cold-blooded, brutal and savage barbarian will allow us to slaughter mercilessly enemies with weapons, frighten them with intimidating warcries and loot their bodies for extra benefits. Intelligent, quiet but powerful mage will absolutely shows us his arcane and magical potential. With the power of teleportation, telepathy and other magical abilities it will plow through the endless waves of monsters. Last but not least – Druid – a returning character to the franchise. Known from his shapeshifting abilities and the possibility of controlling elements will for sure be a perfect match for someone who loves a mixture of magic and close-combat style of gameplay. On top of that we will propably see lots of summoning skills – such as ravens or wolves like in Diablo II

Diablo IV classes

World and Story of Diablo IV  

Game will take place after the events of the previous game making it a natural sequel of the series. Even though The Nephalems overcame and conquered evil forces lead by Diablo and Malthael during the End of Days – by destroying Black Soulstone and the Prime Evil itself,  servants of hell are coming back stronger as never, with a pure bloodlust and determination to destroy the world of living that struggles to rebuild. This time we will face the enemies under the charge of Lilith – that has been summoned by the dark ritual of blood.

Sanctuary will be the space we will explore and meet our opponents. Divided by 5 different regions –

Scosglen – a swampy, grim marshes hiding many mysteries
Fractured Peaks  – rocky, mountainous surroundings will for sure set a challenge at the highest level
Dry Steppes – lifeless fields of dead, loaded with salt flats, controlled by vicious bandits
Hawezar – deadly, poisonous and toxic lands of Hawezar will be a torturous path to conquer
Kehjistan – Endless sands has covered this area and makes it as a home to the cruel cultists

We will face hundreds of different enemies ranging from – vengeful spirits, paranormal mutants and amalgams, devoted cultists, fiendish demons, ending at humongous bosses in form of succubus, devils and insects ( probably Duriel will make it reappear).

Diablo IV map of the world


That’s where the most unknowns appear. We had only few sneak-peaks at potential gameplay. It looks very similar to Diablo III but with smoother and crispier animations, connections of hits and hitboxes. Engine is 100% upgraded and adapted to the newest standards.
For sure we will be able to loot hundreds of items, common ones and the ancient legendary artifacts. Unique sets, jewels, magic jewelry – all remains the same.
Talents, skills and rune systems has been announced – but there are no examples of how it can work yet.
New solutions to make to the game are evade mechanic – that will allow us to fully dodge the upcoming damage. Mount system – known from MMOs – potentially implying how big the world would be.
Diablo IV will be more focused on online multiplayer aspects – with raids, world events, co-op missions and such being a core of the game.

Diablo IV gameplay screen

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