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Detroit Become Human: 5 Things You Didn’t Know

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Like a game of choices, Detroit Become Human is filled with a wide variety of options to take that ultimately influence its final outcomes. That, of course, means there are some choices that you may not have realized you could actually make. Even if you’ve beaten the game already, it’s likely there are a few not so obvious options you may have missed. Here are some things you may not know you could do in Detroit Become Human. Careful though, because spoilers abound.

Make Kara Evil

Probably one of the saddest or most horrifying endings depending on your perspective, Kara can be turned evil. This can happen while she’s captured in Zlatko’s home. If you’re unable to fight the machine that’s wiping her memory, you’ll be given 10 minutes to piece it back together. Fail at this and Kara will turn into Zlatko’s slave, with her eyes becoming black and Alice nowhere to be found. It’s one of the worse endings in Detroit Become Human.

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Start the Rise of the Robots

One of the other possible endings in the game finds Connor as the leader of a robot uprising. A violent one, at that. With Markus and North dead, Connor is all that’s left. You have a big choice to make here: either allow Amanda to take control, effectively allowing CyberLife to lead the revolution or end your own life to allow the revolt to continue on its own. It’s possibly one of the toughest choices in Detroit Become Human.

Deactivate Connor

This is a sad ending you can unlock. During the final stages of Detroit Become Human, Connor will be given instruction from Amanda which you can choose to follow or not. By obeying all of her instructions in detail, your internal programming will give you a nice pat on the back. This may sound like all is hunky-dory, but the reality is that a new version of Connor has been made. The old version is last seen frozen in his zen garden, a hollow husk of its former self.

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Steal to Stay Alive in Detroit

Some of the most morally ambiguous choices can be made while Kara and Alice are on the run. For instance, you can use a gun to hold a store clerk at gunpoint and steal from him. One of the toughest moments in Detroit Become Human is where you can choose to steal a family’s tickets. This will prevent them from crossing the border. The price to pay when aiming to live your dream life. 

Let Chloe Go

From the start of the game, you’ll be reminded of your choices by a menu android called Chloe. She’s one of Kamski’s robots and for most of the game, she is limited to the menu screen. However, you can choose at some point to let her go free which ultimately means you’ll never see her again. Definitely one of the more interesting choices in Detroit Become Human. Click here to find out more information about the game.

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